Direct To Consumer

Our impressive B2C model gets results for our partners, for us and for the consumer. We use this model ourselves, so we know it works, from design and development, through manufacturing, warehousing, sales and delivery to the end customer.

This direct-to-consumer experience has enabled us to build a platform from which our partner companies launch their own multi-channel strategies. You hit the ground running with a complete end-to-end direct-to-consumer operating model featuring multiple channels.

Online especially has seen explosive growth in recent years and we turn this to your advantage. We go beyond purely distribution and delivery to create powerful TV advertising campaigns driving online consumer traffic – and sales. This is a proven way of generating repeat purchases and is a crucial revenue generator, particularly for low margin, high volume products.

You can use our direct-to-consumer platform to build opportunities in other channels as well, such as shopping centre kiosks and even direct sales force consultants.
We’re already using these channels to get our own Creata Direct products to the end consumer. This means we’ve got the infrastructure, know-how and capability to do the same for you.

Something a little different

Our direct-to-consumer business model has an important differentiator. Unlike similar companies, we deal with the entire value chain. This means we handle your product and service issues and process customer payment cards. That’s in addition to delivering products on your behalf.

  • As a partner, you’ll love our direct-to-consumer model because it frees you up to focus on selling, while we handle any service issues.
  • Our flexible business model is a clear winner: we’ll distribute your inventory from your own warehouse or from consignments stored in ours; and we can manufacture branded product on your behalf.
  • Your customers will love our direct-to-consumer model because it means their purchases, payments, deliveries and all service concerns are managed by a single company.

Constantly looking for innovative ways to increase market share, we’re taking the direct-to-consumer business model to new heights.