How We Do It

Our experienced and talented team is focused on making things happen for our partners and for our own business. We achieve this by building on our existing direct-to-consumer platform.

You gain a low risk, low cost way of rapidly transforming your operations into a profitable multi-channel, direct-to-consumer model.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Step1: We work closely with you to understand your direct-to-consumer objectives
  • Step 2: We recommend and cost out the best route for delivering these objectives both creatively (via marketing and advertising) and operationally (via your chosen channels)
  • Step 3: We agree on your preferred sourcing and distribution model: using your own inventory distributed either from your warehouses or from ours; or using branded product we manufacture on your behalf
  • Step 4: Our talented marketing people work with your teams to create high impact advertising campaigns, including innovative TV ads that drive website traffic
  • Step 5: We implement and manage your multi-channel, direct-to-to-consumer model: online, in-store kiosks, TV and face-to-face selling
  • Step 6: You stay ahead of the multi-channel curve by drawing on our extensive experience and proven direct-to-consumer operating platform.

It’s a risk-free, rapid and cost effective way to stay ahead of the competition in today’s multi-channel trading environment.